The Government of South Australia has recognised that the current management of companion animals in the community and within the shelter system is not adequate. A Select Committee has been created to examine and report on methodologies that will provide optimal results for companion animals in South Australia.

What is a Select Committee?

A Select Committee is a temporary committee established by the House of Assembly of the Parliament House to examine issues in depth when there is no other existing body suited to address the topic. Select Committee’s usually cease to exist upon reporting back to the chamber.

What issues are the Select Committe investigating and reporting?

– legislative and regulatory management of the trade in companion dogs and cats

– eliminate cruelty and to reduce the killing of dogs and cats in South Australian animal shelters

Is The PAW Project taking action?

Mia McKenzie, Founder of The PAW Project has been meeting with numerous State officials, Parliamentary members and members of the Select Committee, to provide access to information that will provide a solution to the results they are seeking. The only program that is results driven and provides quality care and a happy stay for the animal, is the No Kill programs & services.

Mia discusses:

– the current shelter model and why it is failing.

– understanding why pet overpopulation is a myth.

– understanding that stating “if you get rid of puppy factories you will eliminate the nations kill statistic”, is misguided and not true.

– defining no kill, what are, and how do the programs and services work.

– why breed labelling canines from an unknown origin has no place in shelter policy.

– why mandatory desexing does not work.

What if specific information is required?

It was recognised that Parliamentary members required specific information in regards to canine behaviour and canine aggression. So, The PAW Project funded Brad Griggs, Director of Canine Services International and specialist in canine aggression to travel to South Australia. He addressed Parliamentary members and the Director Of Communications of the Local Government of SA in Adelaide, and discussed canine behaviour, canine aggression and effective dog bite prevention.

It is important that the people who are making decisions about the fate of companion animals, be given access to information that is evidence based and has proven to provide optimal results.

Latest Update: Honourable Tammy Franks, Greens Member of the South Australian Legislative Council has taken No Kill and the Companion Animal Protection Act to Question Time in the SA Parliament.

Where do we go from here? Read about the Companion Animal Protection Act
for South Australia.

This is an ongoing process. Last updated 9 February, 2015.



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The Herald Weekender, March 22, 2013, page 3

Read about how an Adelaide Hills newspaper speaks out about the States kill rate.


Honourable Tammy Franks, Greens Member for the South Australian Legislative Council has supported The PAW Project with:
Taking No Kill and CAPA to Parliamentary Question Time, read the transcript here:

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Commending The PAW Project and Oscars Law for their efforts in exposing an Adelaide Hills puppy factory, read the media release here:

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