Who is The PAW Project?

Mia created The PAW Project in 2010 after adopting Lucy from a shelter.

Her work was been guided by Directors, veterinarians, lawyers, shelter workers, volunteers and advocates. These people work at shelters that save healthy and treatable animals and they have successfully advocated for animal shelter reform.

Mia has created:

  • CASS: Companion Animal Shelter Summit (SA Parliament)
  • Australia’s first playgroup for shelter dogs based on Dogs Playing for Life™
  • Introduced and helped shape Lucy’s Law

Mia has a 20 year career as an Intensive Care Nurse. She is employed as a Clinical Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit and is a part of the Medical Emergency Team.

Mia has recently created a patient pet visitation program for critically ill patients in Intensive Care. The outcomes to this program have led patients’ to a happier and faster recovery. 


A big thank you to Tony for his website support. 


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