Who is The PAW Project?

Image: Mia and Lucy the dog

Mia is a No Kill Advocate and created The PAW Project in 2010. It is a project and is not a non-profit. Everything that has been achieved has been done without the use of your money.

Her work has gained International attention. This has resulted in sponsored trips to attend the 2011, 2012 and 2013 No Kill Conference in Washington DC, establishing strong bonds with No Kill Directors, workers, veterinarians, advocates and lawyers.

Mia is the creator of CASS: Companion Animal Shelter Summit held at South Australian Parliament House on the 10th October, 2013, she established Australia’s first playgroup for shelter dogs, and is responsible for introducing life saving legislation called the Companion Animal Protection Act to the South Australian Greens.

Mia’s knowledge includes:

  • how to implement life saving programs
  • the importance of a compassionate leader
  • turbocharging adoptions
  • effective shelter design (on a budget!)
  • infectious diseases and effective infection control
  • effective feral, stray and community cat management
  • dog breed identification
  • shelter enrichment
  • breed discriminatory legislation and community safety
  • optimising staff morale, both paid and unpaid
  • foster care and neonatal kitten care
  • community embracement
  • playgroup for shelter dogs
  • carbon monoxide gas chambers
  • Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA)
  • political advocacy

Mia conducts three seminars:

  • No Kill – where did it start, who is doing it and what success have they achieved.
  • Turbocharging Adoptions – learn about how human obstacles to life saving far outweigh animal ones.
  • Infection Control – effective (and cost effective) cleaning, disinfectant and hand hygiene.

If you are interested in hearing these seminars, please contact Mia via the contact page.

Image: Moët the cat

Mia has a twenty year career as an Intensive Care Nurse. She is currently employed as a Clinical Nurse in Intensive Care and is a part of the Medical Emergency Team.

Mia has a dog called Lucy who was adopted from the Animal Welfare League SA, and a cat called Moët who was adopted from the Royal Society of the Prevention of cruelty to Animals SA.

If you are interested in becoming a No Kill advocate, or learning more about how Australians shelters can eliminate their kill rates, or wish to pursue CAPA in your State or Territory, please send Mia a message via the contact page.


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